Cleaning, Shopping Costas and Ryan do not mix!!!!!

6 Aug

Oh there were so many possible titles to this blog, i just couldn’t choose. What would Super Nanny do, was one, shopping trip from hell part two, was another lol


Today started with cleaning time, note the use of the word ‘time’ rather than day, if i had a cleaning day i would look like Bree from desperate housewives-oh if only i was that organised.  Anyway the house/flat was beginning to resemble a cross between a jumble sale and the local tip and there’s only so much ‘admin’ (facebook) I can get away with.  So on goes the radio and I start revisiting plates and cups I thought we had lost over a few days.  Im doing well with jobs and only flicking on to facebook occasionally which is good for me.

I then go into Ryan’s (the naughty 2 year old) room to find that he has presented me with a wonderful masterpiece created from his own fair hand and shit! all over the dodgy spongy wallpaper that is impossible to clean without taking several layers off.  Oh how I love him.


The rest of the cleaning time goes well, i even wash the stairs-get me!

Stupidly, after cleaning I decide to go into to town, to visit the husband at work and to have my daily coffee, also to quell the panic rising within me that the kids were undoing all of my rare hard work in the house/flat.

Ryan decides he wants to walk again to the shops and against my better judgement I let him….fool. He makes it to blockbusters and then decides to run around and around and around the shop, my eldest is huffing and puffing at the lack of choice of DVDs..seriously its flipping blockbusters you can’t get much more choice, meanwhile Ryan is very quiet i go round the corner in the shop and he’s eating the candy king and spitting back the ones he doesn’t like.  Once again im throwing my card and money at the blockbusters man before he notices the carnage and make a hasty retreat.


Visit the husband A.K.A Lush and then go on to Costas, my favourite place.  I dump the double buggy/tank by a table that is away from everyone else as my child is antisocial and queue up to get my usual pointless because its decaff coffee.  I force cakes down Ryan’s throat and do the same to Lexi-Nicole- the one year old.  I take my eye off the ball for 2 and I mean 2 seconds just to check facebook, when the fire alarm panel makes a very strange strangled screeching noise, im too scared to look up as I know what im going to find….Yes you guessed it Ryan was playing simple Simon (an ’80’s electronic game) with the panel and pressing everything that lit up, I was waiting for the sprinklers to be activated or something.   Anyway by this time Costas has gone quiet and the tumble weed goes across the floor…eeeek at this point I literally open my throat and pour most of my scalding hot coffee down my throat and leave.


We have another floor mopping session in Morrisons with Ryan and I’ve run out of things to bribe him with, time to go home.  I make it home reasonably unscathed and im just about to negotiate the three little steps to my front door when Ryan runs off towards another part of the building that isn’t ours. ( I live above a museum which happened to be open today), I chase after him and lob him at the front door and then start on the steps with the buggy, I bump it up the first step, then Ryan flies past me I lose my footing and land on my bum all in front of a crowd of relic hunting museum goers OMG!!

Last part i promise….

When we get in Ryan is being particularly wicked to his sister and snatching everything away from her, i come in from the kitchen to give him the Super Nanny warning to which he promptly tells me to get back in the kitchen. Lovely.  He carries on making his sister screech so we start a naughty step stand-off.  This child is more stubborn than me and that is really saying something.  40 minutes later and he is still refusing to apologise….50 minutes later…….65 minutes later he takes his clothes and nappy off…..80 minutes later we have an apology.  During this time im thinking what would Super Nanny do…..


what would she do……?


much love xxx


2 Responses to “Cleaning, Shopping Costas and Ryan do not mix!!!!!”

  1. natnat2302 August 6, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    Hub, you do know that you have to do this every day to keep me entertained!!!!! Lol xxxxx

  2. gina August 8, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    lol i told my 4 year old today if she didn pick up all her crisps which she threw on the floor she will have to sit on the naughty step !! to which she replied id rather sit on the naughty step n did just that !! now what would super nanny do lmao i was lost for words x but she did decide to pick them all up a few minutes later xxx

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