oooh this is a first!

5 Aug

Hi all,


my first blog!!!!!!


not really sure what to write so I think i will start with the shopping trip from hell!!

Today, after selling my blackberry to buy the most expensive school uniform ever, we went and completed stage one of the uniform purchases.  I then decide to take all three children into the local town to buy trainers for my eldest.  Ryan, my two year old who has suddenly become fiercely independent , decided that he was livid with being put in the buggy next to his sister.  He decides to scream himself hoarse and sick on the short walk to the shop, we get into the trainer shop where Ryan still is screaming, and then he decides to smack his sister in the face and she starts screaming.


Meanwhile my eldest is trying on the trainers of his dreams only to decide that they are too narrow for him so he then starts to huff and puff.  Two screamers and a huffer and puffer- go me!  The screaming continues, my stress level boils over and i seriously want to cry.  I leave the eldest in the shop and take the other two to get some crisps (bad me just before dinner, but i was desperate).  One quiet child and one very naughty but cute child chasing some random girl around the shop whom he had just met, and the eldest now slightly happier to have found more trainers of his dreams.  By this point i am almost flinging money at the shop assistant and sick of shouting ‘Ryan’ like a fish wife.

Trainers purchased, and a quick pencil case purchase cue one very smug mummy who now has everything ready for the eldest to start school.

We then enter morrisons, Ryan decides to mop the floor with his body, dragged along by me much to the disgust of the shoppers, yes i did feel bad and i dont like getting cross, but SERIOUSLY!!!!


Managed to get home, shovel a failry balanced dinner down their necks and straight to bed, ahhhhhhh bliss, husband at work which is rubbish, but due back soon.


One last thought or question….how can a 1 year old and a 2 year old drive a normally sane (ish) woman to the verge of tears in the middle  of a town centre….bring on the rescue remedy.


much love xx


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